Alfreton Cyclists Touring Club



Audax Events & Permanents

This is our programme of Audax rides for this season. To find out more about Audax visit the Audax UK website by clicking here.

Keep checking back, as other events will be added.

Date Event Distance (Km) Event Details Route k
04-Feb-17 Straight On at Rosie's 200Km Click Click Click
11-Mar-17 Three Fields 100Km Click Click Click
25-Mar-17 Roses to Wrags 200Km Click Click Click
22-Apr-17 Everybody Rides to Skeggy! 300Km Click Click Click
03-Jun-17 Tramway 100 100Km Click Click Click
17-Sep-17 Beware of the Plague 100km Click Click Click


We also have a number of permanent rides. A permanent ride is an Audax-style route with controls and a time limit, that can be ridden at any time, either individually or as a group. Click for details of our routes.