In Memory of Tommy    116k


Alfreton House  9.00am

Saturday July 13th 2019        

Speed  12-30 kph  Climbing 673 m.


Stage 1 Alfreton to Clumber Park

L from Control

R at TLS through Town Centre

R at  TLS  A61  $ Chesterfield

R at bottom of hill $ Tibshelf   Care!!

SO at mini O $ Tibshelf

At War Memorial in NEWTON


L at T   no  $

R at  T  $  Stanton  Hill

After downhill on bend

L +  immed.  R  $  PLEASLEY

SO at  T  $  Pleasley

SO at mini O

L  at  T  $  M1

3rd exit at  O  $  Shirebrook B6407

1st exit at O $ Shirebrook

SO at staggered  X roads  $  LANGWITH

R  at  T  $ Langwith

L  at  T  $  Langwith

SO at  TLS

SO  at  X rds  $  Newark A616

L at T  $ Sheffield

In 50m R  $  NORTON

SO  at  X  with   B6034 $   CLUMBER  PARK

SO Thro' entrance to A614 where SO to :


Clumber Park Friar Tucks Cafe

Control Times   Open:    10.16am

39k                      Closes:  12.15pm

Stage 2 Clumber to Harworth  22k

R from control on to A614 $ Doncaster

3rd exit at O $ BABWORTH

2nd exit at O $ Babworth


Information Control See Card


SO at X rds  $ Sutton cum Lound

L at X rds with A638 no $

SO at TLS  no $


SO at X rds with A614 $ Harworth

R at T  no $

2nd exit at O Scrooby Road

(Shops and café on L )

SO at 2 mini Os to

Harworth and Bircotes Sports and Social Club on R. Memorial by the Gate memorabilia in the club which is open


Control Times   Open:   11.02am

61k                      Closes: 14.05pm

Stage 3 Harworth to Clowne  27k

L from Social Club

So at 2 mini Os

R at O no $

L at O  Main Street

Under A1(M) to STYRRUP and thro OLDCOTES

R at T  $ Rotherham A634

L at O $ A60 Worksop  over river +

R   $  Dinnington  B6463.   In approx. 5k

L  on to Leys Lane

SO at  mini  O $  ANSTON

SO at Trls with A 57 $ SOUTH ANSTON

R at T $ KIVETON  follow one way system to

T where L  $  Kiveton  Park B6059

L  Over level Crossing no $ and shortly

SO at  X rds  $ Whitwell

SO at  X rds  $ Whitwell

3 rd  R no $ ( just after Golf and Country Club) 

SO at  X rds with A619 $  CLOWNE

Next R no $  (grass triangle)

SO with X rds  at A616 into Station Road

SO at  O   no $

SO at  O  $  B6417  BOLSOVER

to Control at Tesco on R

Tesco Clowne      

Control Times   Open:    11.48am

 88k                     Closes:  16.20pm 

Stage 4 Clowne to Alfreton  28k

R  from Car Park  B6417 BOLSOVER

In approx. 2k  R onto  Oxcroft Estate

SO past Post Box

L onto Longlands (one way system)

R into Welbeck Rd.

 R at T no $

L ( SO) at Trls  $ A632   Cuckney

R at Trls  $ GLAPWELL

SO  at  X rds with A617  $ ROWTHORNE

(Victorian Post Box on L in village)

L on RH bend  $ HARDWICK and thro gate into park. Go past the Hall and descend past Hardwick Inn to T  where L no $

R in STANLEY  no $ (grass triangle )etm

R at T  no $

L  $  M1

Next R into Newtonwood Lane

SO at TLS (weak bridge)

L at T  $  BLACKWELL B6026

SO at mini O $ Blackwell

L at T  $  A61 ALFRETON

L at TRLS   into Town Centre

L at TRLS onto Rogers Lane

R into Car Park to finish in far corner


Control Times   Open:    12.50pm

 116k                   Closes:  18.40pm




Place name in capitals means route passes through  (usually only written in capitals the first time it is mentioned) Place name in lower case means follow in that direction

Map:OS 1;50,000   Sheet 120

Mansfield and Worksop

Most  of route on


L = left  turn  R = right turn

TLS = traffic lights

O = island    SO = straight on or over

T = tee junction   X = crossroads

$ = sign post  etm easy to miss