National Arboretum 100Km Routesheet

National Arboretum 100k

Saturday4th November 2017

Organised by Alfreton CTC

Event Phone number:

0771  9933 824


Denby to Hatton  31k

 L out of Visitors Centre onto B6179

SO at 2 sets of TRLS $ Derby

Pass under A38

Just before A38 O  R onto pavement

Past Starbucks across side road

Keep right on cycle path over bridge

And follow round  on pavement to R no $

After river R onto Ford Lane

L at A6

Next R onto Park Lane

R at T  Robin Croft

L at T Birchover Way

L at T no $

next R onto Markeaton Lane $ crematorium.

R at T (A52) $ Ashbourne

 L at TRLS $ Radbourne

L at RH bend $ Radbourne

Forward to SUTTON on the HILL

R for Sutton $ missing  go past church

R in Sutton $ HATTON

L at X  $ Hatton

R at T $ Hatton A516

L immed. before TRLS to Control

 Control on L Saltbox Cafe

Opens:  10.02  Closes:   11.29


 Hatton to National Arboretum  25k

       L out of Cafe on to A511

    Over level crossing

    2nd exit at O $ TUTBURY

    R on corner and no $  ( Monk St.)

    R at T and climb past the Castle

    L on bend into Redhill Lane no $

    R at T   $ ANSLOW

    L   $   ANSLOW (Bushton Lane)

    R at T   $  TATENHILL

    L on to Hopley Rd. $ TATENHILL

    SO at X rds  $  TATENHILL

    SO at X rds  $ Dunstall

    Cont.thro’ Dunstallto BARTON

    L at T   $  WALTON  (Main Street)

    2nd exit at O $ WALTON over A38

    2nd exit at O $ WALTON

    Through TLS and over the bridge

    R  at T   $ Catton   ( Main St.)

    R at T $ Arlewas A513

    Under railway and over the river to O


        R into Control in Café in Arboretum

     Opens:   10.48  Closes:   13.19


National Arboretum To Denby 54k

 L  out of control to O where 1st exit $ Tamworth

Over river and under bridge to L $ CATTON

Cont. thr’Catton to WALTON

L on R hand bend $ BURTON


SO at O $ Leicester



In Repton 2nd  exit at O $ MILTON

   L on RH bend $ INGLEBY

L at X rds $ Ingleby

L at T  no $

Cross the River Trent **

 L  Just after Petrol Station $ cycle path (Pringle Lane)    Information Control See Card

   Safer to stop on Cycle path to write the answer down


Cafe and Toilets

**L after river to A5132

SO  into Garden Centre for Cafe.

Toilet also in car Park


To return to route :

L out of Garden Centre

L at T A514

In approx 400m cycle Path on your L

With Information Control at the turn

 Over Canal Bridge

SO at Pelican Crossing no sign

SO  at   Track

SO  at   Pelican Crossing $ City Centre

SO onto Penalton Close

SO at TRLS at Ring Road

Pass under Road Bridge (London Rd)

and in approx 50m R (Pass new houses on L)

(Café + Toilets in Park on far side of lake)

Shortly L to reach riverside path

 where L  $  City Centre

Pass Pride Park , under railway bridge

to cross side stream

      In 100m  R over river $ LITTLE EATON

L after bridge to go on the pavement under road bridge

R at T to cross the Road and L on to Stuart St.

Follow to L and under bridge (bus + cycle only)

R at T  on to Mansfield Rd. (Care )

SO at mini O no $

Over railway and immed before O

L onto pavement $A38 N

You are advised to use the cycle path and

Cross the A38 at the Pelican Crossing

2 nd exit O $ B6179 LITTLE EATON

SO at TRLS $ Ripley

SO at TRLS $ Ripley

Control on Left


Denby Visitors Centre

             Opens:   12.30  Closes:   17.24


Place name in capitals means route passes through  (usually only written in capitals the first time it is mentioned) Place name in lower case means follow in that direction


L = left  turn  R = right turn

TLS = traffic lights

O = island    SO = straight on or over

T = tee junction   X = crossroads

$ = sign post